Web Caching Services

Cidera (formerly SkyCache)
used to provide a service that
pushed popular Web content into caches via Satellite broadcast.
They also offered Usenet/NNTP feeds with this technology.
Cidera was abruptly shut down in September of 2003.

Mirror Image
offers a cache peering service, with large caches located
at “key Internet traffic points around the globe.”

Akamai offers various content delivery
network services.

Speedera offers content delivery
network and global DNS-based load balancing services.

Digital Island offers
content delivery network and other services.

operates a number of Web caches throughout the U.S. These
are available to anyone to use, or experiment with, at
no charge.

offers a proxy service for monthly subscription, with the
purpose of anonymizing your Web browsing activities.

ProxyMate is a service from
Lucent Technologies that
enables internet consumers to protect their privacy while they use
the personalization capabilities of web sites.

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