Research and infrastructure projects relating to Web caching.

NLANR’s IRCache Project, is funded by
the National Science Foundation
and others to develop caching protocols, techniques and services.
IRCache operates a number of production caches throughout the U.S.,
which anyone can use. They also develop and maintain Squid, the free caching
software for Unix. IRCache’s Web
Polygraph is a de-facto standard tool for running benchmarks,
and their semi-annual Bake-off
events provide a forum for fair and rigorous competition among
caching products.

DESIRE is a collaboration of
institutions from the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
Their Caching
Project promotes and educates people about Web caching through
workshops, reports, and presentations. Team members are very active
in TERENA’a TF-CACHE taks force, and the IETF’s WREC working group.

task force aims to promote and disseminate information as well as
to coordinate development and deployment of network caching
technologies throughout the European Research and Education Networking
Community and beyond. Members meet regularly to discuss ideas, issues,
projects, and products relating to Web caching. The TF-CACHE group
has sponsored a number of excellent tools and utilities to assist
cache administrators.

The University of Manchester
and Loughborough
University operate the National
JANET Web Caching Service
for the UK Academic and Research
Community. Their project is an excellent source of information.
Here you can find tips on configuring browsers, configuring caches,
and a large amount of statistical data.

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