Public Mailing Lists

The ISP-Caching list
is designed to focus its discussion on caching systems. Conversation
encompasses Squid type software, proxy server solutions, new
satellite caching systems, or any new caching system that is just
being released. ISPs who want to save money by maximizing bandwidth
capacity will be benefit in joining the discussion on the ISP-Caching
list. List traffic tends to be bursty, and is often controversial.
Advertisements are appended to every message.

The squid-users
focuses primarily on Squid, but sometimes topics include general caching
issues. Traffic is approximately twenty messages per day.

list is open to anyone. This is a relatively low volume list, with
usually just a few messages per week.

WREC working group’s mailing list is maintained by
the University of Tenesee at Knoxville. To subscribe,
write to The list is also archived
as well. Volume is bursty, with quite a lot of activity before and after
IETF meetings.

IRCache has a mailing list, but its pretty dead these days.
The subscription address is

The ausproxy list is targeted to Australian Web cache
administrators. The subscription address is

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