Spamfilter – The Best Spam Filter in Comparison

Opening the e-mail program is taking a long time, all incoming mails have to be loaded first and at the end twenty new entries are revealed, of which nineteen are spam mails – who doesn’t know this situation?

These days, the email address must be given almost everywhere and with every online purchase, every registration on a website adds up to the number of messages you receive every day. In order to avoid the annoying spam, basically everyone would have to create a new e-mail address at regular intervals. This is not only laborious over time, but also annoying. Fortunately, there is another way: an email spam filter can help.

This is how we test

We compared the three best programs with each other in terms of features, security, performance and help & support.


An important criterion for the selection of the spam filter are the functions offered to the user. Will the spam be automatically deleted or is this user-identified and pre-set? Are legitimate emails from friends, bosses or online purchases automatically protected? Last but not least, the user-friendliness must not fall behind – is the user interface designed in a simple way, so that even a layman can quickly find his way around?


The number of advertising messages and phishing emails is constantly increasing. Accordingly, special attention must be paid to the security aspect of the spam filter. Does it offer protection against phishing to prevent the stealing of personal user data? Will all e-mail accounts on a PC be protected? The software may even detect foreign language spam and has a Bayesian filter that learns on its own. Some programs offer the function of responding to unwanted messages with error messages – so it can be faked that the e-mail address is not up to date. This can reduce future spam volumes and be critical in selecting the right filtering software.


It is also important to highlight the necessary system requirements. Is the spam filter compatible with Windows or Mac and which operating systems are supported? First and foremost, however, there is also the question of e-mail programs with which the software is compatible. Does the spam filter also work on webmail accounts or only via Outlook, Thunderbird & Co.? How large must hard disk space and RAM be?

Help & Support

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that there are occasional questions or problems. In these situations it is important that the user feels well looked after. So what about Help & Support? What kind of support do manufacturers offer? Is direct contact via e-mail, telephone or chat function possible? Is there FAQ or other help on the homepage? Another positive feature is the test versions offered by the manufacturers. This enables potential customers to familiarize themselves with the product in advance and to decide at their leisure whether the program meets their requirements and desires.

The respective spam filter programs are analysed and evaluated according to the categories listed, resulting in an overall rating. The test report is intended to give the interested user an idea of the products and help him/her to make an individual purchase decision.