The Best Parental Control Software Tests

Most important facts

  • Children need special protection when using the Internet.
  • Parental Control software helps parents set access rights for their children on Internet-enabled devices.
  • In doing so, they gently introduce their children to the complex subject, even when they are not close to them.

What do I need child protection software for?

For today’s children, things like computers, Internet and surfing the web are a matter of course in their everyday life. Child protection software ensures that the Internet is child-friendly. Young internet surfers should get to know the possibilities but not be confronted with content they do not yet understand.

In addition, these protection programmes help parents. They stay informed about the online activities of their offspring and can look over the shoulders of their children virtually while surfing. For this purpose, child protection programs include a variety of security features.

These features have been looked at in greater detail by the big child protection software comparison. McAfee Family Protection, Orvell Monitoring and Norton Family Premier were among the front ranks.

How we compare

Comparison evaluations of child protection programmes are based on the following criteria:


As a rule, a software’s child protection is achieved by a mixture of functions for filtering and blocking web content, as well as procedures for recording activities. Therefore, we concentrate on the functionality of a program and the security concept of the manufacturer.

In this part of the test, we take a closer look at the options for controlling web content that is accessible to the child. We are also investigating the possibilities of child protection software in terms of documentation and recording.


Another important criterion for the functionality of a software is its easy and understandable operation. We investigate how extensive an application is to be installed and how well you can handle it as a beginner.

With good child protection software, parents create different user profiles and adjust the filters individually. Password protection is also a must so that no unauthorized person can gain access to the stored data.

Children get to know social networks, messengers and e-mail from the very beginning and exchange messages with friends and family. These channels of communication can, however, also be abused by strangers or people of the same age for harassment. Good protection programmes give parents the opportunity to recognize these dangers at an early stage and to avert them.


A child protection program should ideally work with many systems and devices. Therefore, we are testing which operating systems the program is suitable for and whether the manufacturer also offers alternatives for Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone.

It is also important to know which other system requirements, such as free storage space or working memory, the corresponding device must meet. We also check how much performance the program demands from the computer and whether or not it noticeably delays operation.


If you have any questions during installation or setup of the program, a competent customer service should be available. That’s why we take a close look at the software vendor’s options: phone, email and maybe a live chat? How helpful is the FAQ section? Is there a forum where users can exchange information? The reaction time and the competence of the service team are just as important.

We evaluate these individual areas in the test. This results in an overall score for each product. In the product comparison, consumers also receive a detailed overview of the features of each individual child protection software.