Benchmarking Caching Proxies

  • Web Polygraph
    is a freely available benchmarking tool for Web caching
    proxies. Polygraph distribution includes high-performance
    Web client and server simulators. Polygraph is capable of
    modeling a variety of workloads for micro- and macro-benchmarking.
    Poly has been used to test and tune most leading caching
    proxies and is the benchmark used for TMF cache-offs.

  • The TMF Cache-off
    tests Web caching products at the same time and
    location, using Web Polygraph.

  • Falling Rain offers access to their URL List.
    It is a database with millions of “fresh, diverse, robot-approved,
    ip-resolved URLs suitable for verification and testing of
    HTTP products.”

  • SURGE is described in
    Generating Representative Web Workloads,
    a paper by Paul Barford and Mark Crovella.

  • Wisconsin Proxy Benchmark 1.0
  • HTTP
    Blast is a tool by Jens-S. Vöckler and the TF-CACHE
    project. It reads a trace file of URLs and then submits them to
    a proxy cache via a number of child processes.

  • WebJamma
    plays back http accesses read from a log file. It maintains
    a configureable number of parallel requests, and keeps them
    busy continuously. Right now it only supports the GET
    command. Webjamma was originaly written to torture-test a
    http proxy server. It was then extended to send the requests
    to multiple servers at once, and used to compare the behavior
    of the multiple servers under the same network load and
    network conditions.

  • Proxycizer
    is a suite of applications and C++ classes that can be used
    in simulating and/or driving web proxies. Proxycizer can
    automatically recognize several types of proxy traces,
    currently including Harvest, Squid, DEC, UCB, CRISP, Crispy
    Squid, and some other Proxycizer-specific formats.

  • httperf
    is a tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a
    flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for
    measuring server performance. The focus of httperf is not on
    implementing one particular benchmark but on providing a robust,
    high-performance tool that facilitates the construction of both
    micro- and macro-level benchmarks.

  • Webpacity
    develops custom load testing, stress testing, and performance
    modeling solutions for dynamic web application servers.

Web Server Benchmarking

  • Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools
  • Web Server Performance Measurement FAQ
  • Web Bench
    from eTesting Labs (aka Ziff Dafis).

  • SPECweb99 Benchmark
    from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.

  • WebStone
    from Mindcraft and SGI.

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