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When you are surfing the web, you are under constant observation. But there are ways and means to make sniffing and spying difficult for third parties. This website was created to help you to secure your internet connection and your system. Some of the methods we show you are free of charge, but most of them are not. 

Each time you visit the web, you disclose a lot of personal information without knowing it. In addition to the current IP address, the Windows version and the web browser and plug-ins used are also transmitted. This information could be used by malicious attackers to break into your system. But the advertising industry is also interested in your surfing behavior. We will show you the possibilities to prevent snooping and to be able to be halfway anonymous on the web.

Only with special software can you be truly anonymous on the net. Almost every Internet user can be easily identified on the basis of the connection data. We are testing tools like Tor, JonDo, VPN and Web-Proxies for their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The basis of all anonymizing services is the concealment of the IP address. The IP address is a unique numeric code assigned by the Internet service provider. Similar to a telephone number, only the IP address makes it possible to uniquely assign connected computers. Like your own Internet provider, web pages can easily log the IP addresses of visitors. However, the connection data can also fall into the hands of data thieves or secret monitoring programs such as PRISM.


We don’t test like engineers or lab technicians. We test how a critical end consumer would do it in the purchase decision process for more online security. Our editors conduct the tests on Web-Cache.com neutrally, objectively and expertly. As a rule, we take products into our own hands, try out services and service providers ourselves and install software on site to check their functionality, performance and operation. In addition, we conduct a detailed search for each product. We also look at technical data and customer opinions. Relevant test reports and expert interviews complete our test results. The providers have no influence on the test criteria or the methodology according to which we test.


Whoever buys extensive software often spends several hundred dollars. The purchase decision must therefore be well-considered in order to avoid disappointment afterwards. Finding the individually most suitable products in the jungle of suppliers, reviews and opinions costs above all time and nerves. We relieve you of this burden.


In the search engine flood of mere advertisements, price comparison portals and opinions that consumers are all too quickly exposed to in search of the best products, we set our benchmark with thorough, comprehensive buyer advice. In order to meet your demands as a critical consumer, our editors take a close look at the products and services to be tested. We list all advantages and disadvantages clearly arranged, we weigh up exactly for whom which offers are suitable and which budgets which recommendations can be pronounced. In addition to our own experience, we also use the results of test laboratories and testing institutions as well as customer reviews to create added value for consumers through the inclusion of long-term experiences.


In order to adequately test all suppliers, products and service providers, we define separate test parameters for each category. In this way, we clearly highlight those aspects that play a central role in the purchase decision and offer consumers relevant, concise and understandable purchase advice. Our test parameters are weighted equally for the preparation of the final grades, in order to take into account that different consumers consider certain criteria to be more or less relevant for their individual requirements. The final scores give us the ranking lists or our respective comparative and test winners. Some of the aspects we take into account include, for example:


If antivirus software offers excellent protection, but regularly knocks the PC to the ground, no consumer will enjoy it for a long time – we check how efficiently devices and programs work.


Good usability is the first prerequisite for successful customer service with technical devices as well as with websites and software. Our tests and comparisons show how easy it is to use.


We investigate which security measures websites offer, which payment methods offer e-commerce portals and which encryption technologies service providers use for sensitive data.


Our editors explain in detail what kind of support dealers, manufacturers and service providers provide to their customers in the digital age when there is no need for direct on-site consultation.


In addition to the offered price-performance ratio, we also present the shipping conditions of online retailers and service providers. After all, simplicity and goodwill are particularly important in e-commerce.

Do we really try every product and service ourselves?

For reasons of availability or feasibility, it is sometimes not possible for us to test every product and service ourselves. If it is not possible for us to carry out a manual check, we explicitly point this out on our category page. In this case, we base our assessment on the analysis of the information we collect. We include expert assessments, reports from test institutions, online reviews and customer experiences in the evaluation and select a network winner on the basis of these.